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Randall and Chuck grew up in the small town of Fort Payne AL. They both followed the same path of joining the military; Randall to the US Marine Corp and Chuck to the United States Air Force. After decades of being estranged, God healed their relationship, and brought them back together about an hour apart. God birthed the love of Men's Ministry in both of them and now they serve together. In early 2019, they launched Ground Zero as a way to help men reach their potential in Christ and as fathers, husbands, and brothers in Christ

Randall Ham

Randall was born in 1960 to Bob and Gloria Ham in San Antonio, Texas. The family move to Fort Payne, Alabama in 1961 where Randall would grow up in a stable and loving family. After graduating high school in 1979, Randall moved to California where he began a period of his life marked by drug abuse, run-ins with the law, and multiple failed relationships. He served a very successful tour in the US Marines from 1981-1987 but after his honorable discharge he would quickly return to a life of addiction and self-destructive behavior. In 1993 his son was born and life began to slowly change. He found himself the single father of a 3-month-old. This new purpose overshadowed the pain of shame that had held him in addiction and Randall put down the drugs for good. In 2001 God introduced a woman into Randall’s life that would forever change his path. The first week of their new relationship Lisa invited him to visit her church. It had been 22 years since he had walked into a church but he fearfully agreed and, for the very first time, he experienced the love of Christ. In March 2002 Randall and Lisa were married, blended their families, and began a journey together that continues today. Through his faith journey Randall developed a passion for ministry to men, and in particular to incarcerated men. God has used the trials and experiences in Randall’s life to bring healing and recovery to men in local jails and state prisons through his testimony and passion for showing them the love of Christ, just as it was shown to him.

Chuck ham

Chuck was born in 1962 in Fort Payne Alabama. During his teen years, he turned to drugs and alcohol and the "party" lifestyle. In 1982, he joined the US Air Force in an attempt to make something of himself. He retired in 2002 after just over 20 years and had a distinguished career. Even as that may be, his struggle with alcohol remained; he just learned how to function with it. In 1992, Chuck gave his life to the Lord and was saved radically! He began to serve in the church almost immediately and really began to turn his live around. He began in Men's Ministry in 1996 and has been active in it ever since helping men to overcome obstacles in life to help them to be better husbands, fathers, and men and to understand they will make mistakes and how to recover the right way. He's served as a ministry leader, staff pastor, and small group facilitator in a number of different places. What he really learned is that in all of those things, God was still teaching him. In 2014, he married his wife Denise and now live in Huntsville AL where they are DivorceCare facilitators at the Rock Family Worship Center. Together, they have 5 children, 8 grand children, and a great grandson on the way. His passion for men's ministry is rooted in one thing; to be the example to his family, children, and all who will walk with him that even an imperfect man is extended the grace of God and is never to far away to obtain it. Iron sharpens Iron as a man sharpens his brother. Proverbs 27:17